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Leaders today are working in the most complex of business environments.  Their ability to lead, influence and coach their squad’s is imperative to the long term growth and development of their business.

“Take back control of your business"

Remember back to when you first opened your doors, what were your hopes for the business? Did you hope for flexibility and freedom? Were you picturing a successful, thriving business with a team who treated it like their own business? What’s the reality in your business today?
Dwight Hodge


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Dwight Hodge

Leadership is service

As a leader do you serve your team, or does your team serve you? In Robert K Greenleaf’s 1970 essay The Servant As Leader he

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Dwight Hodge

Self Confidence

Confidence – the feeling of belief that one can rely on someone or something. As a leader and business owner confidence in your team and your own

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Dwight Hodge

Let Them Fall!

Why don’t we let our people fail more? Or at least give them the opportunity to. By always being there ready to catch them before

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Your ability as a leader to access the most appropriate mindset allows you to shift your perspective and appreciate more than one perspective at a given time.  Achieving flexibility of self enables you to be the leader your business and team needs

Discover the strategies to drive your business and team to greater heights.  Understanding what strategies will drive your success and enable you to achieve the businesses desired outcomes.



Inspire, motivate and assist your team to create the business success you have outlined in your strategy.  Developing individual team members to reach their potential and create future leaders from within your team.

Develop the strategies and team to grow your business to levels you never thought possible.  Creating flexibility and freedom for you as a leader and career progression for your team.