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PROJECT 2020 - EP 5 - Communication & Frame Of Mind

Friday July 24th

Now that I have spoken to the team at Agent Hue about client visitation, I thought It would be beneficial to share some thoughts and ideas on communication and mindset.

Three aspects I am going to touch on today. 
  • Frame of Mind 
  • Intention 
  • The 3 “A’s” 
Frame of Mind:
What do you think before you sit down with your team? No matter what the situation or circumstance, the movie playing in your mind will play out in real life. If you think you have all the answers and understand all the different perspectives you will loose. Check your frame of mind before you sit down with the team and ensure you are leading with the right mindset. This will have a massive impact on the outcome of your team meetings, both positive with the right frame of mind, and negative with the wrong frame of mind.
Rarely, do you have a bad of intention when communicating with your team or concerning business matters? The problems always come in the steps taken after your intention.
  • Intention
  • Action
  • Outcome
The 3-step model above, intention, action outcome is a simple yet powerful model to be aware of.
As I said, you usually have the best of intentions in mind; the action you take is often where the trouble starts. Without giving your actions enough thought they inevitably don’t aline with your original intention.
Unfortunately, your desired outcome is seldom reached.
Take the right mindset into your team meeting, put some thought into your intention and the best actions you can take to achieve your desired outcome.
The 3 “A’s”
  • Awareness
  • Accountability
  • Audit
You need to bring to your team’s awareness what is expected of them and where they are now. It’s about having everyone on the same page and everyone aware of what they need to do.
You need to hold your team accountable, even better develop a culture of accountability and autonomy, where the team hold each other accountable. You have made your team aware of what is expected, and now you need to hold them to the commitments they have each made.
You need to check-in and show your team you are interested in their development and celebrate their wins along the way. If they have not progressed as expected and agreed to in your accountability conversation, an audit gives you the ideal opportunity to redirect and assist your team in taking the steps needed to move forward.