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I am attempting to grow a business 40% by the end of 2020.

As Melbourne settles into its second round of lock-downs we’ve already hit a huge roadblock.  We were attempting to grow the business 20%.  However with the current pandemic it’s now become a 40% transformation, The business, Agent Hue has dropped 20% In less than a week.

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EP 19 – We wait…

It’s nearly October and the team at Agent Hue have had a great week upskilling and participating in online seminars and training sessions.
This past two months has been a time where we have developed new ways of looking after our clients, and internal processes for the business. We can’t wait to offer an even better client experience once the team are allowed to open the doors of the salon once more.

EP-18 We Wait

Friday – September 18th

We are a few days away from what was the end of Stage 4 lockdown in Melbourne, however last Sunday it was extended for two more weeks (For most in Melbourne nothing changes until the end of October)
October 27th is when we hope to be able to reopen Agent Hue.  Who would have thought so many businesses would be forced to close for three months.   I can’t imagine how other industries like beauty, gyms etc are feeling, they have barely had the chance to open since the end of March!
As a business owner I’ve felt all sorts of emotions over the past six weeks.  A sense of relief to begin with, as new case numbers were climbing out of control it seemed like a good idea to stay at home.  I was a little on edge last week leading up to the government’s ‘Road Map Out’ announcement.  A lack of detail, and not being told what the target for new cases was before we could get out of lockdown   lead me to feel more anger and frustration. 
Once the four steps to get out of lockdown were announced I was more angry.  So much of the detail could have been shared earlier.  Anger turned to frustration and by Monday evening I was back focusing on what I could do, what I had control over.
With all that said we are lucky,  We live in a country where we have government support at a time like this.
The team at agent Hue are still connecting a couple of times a week and they are still upskilling and looking at ways to improve the client experience.
It’s important to focus on what you have control and influence over.  Lead your team, keep in contact, check-in, reassure them and stay strong.  
Let’s hope this is the last six weeks of lockdown.

EP-17 7 Week Review

Friday – September 4th

Leadership is a lot like gardening.
You’re planting seeds, creating the right environment, encouraging growth, and developing your own patch.
Like leadership there are many different ways to approach gardening and how you chose to look after your patch.
The Chemical Gardener
This style of gardener uses whatever means possible to get their garden to grow.  Focused on the short term growth and not concerned with the longer term consequences. 
The chemical gardener shows little care for the wellbeing of their plants, as long as they look good and make a buck. They are solely focused their patch and have no interest in another garden, even if what they do on their patch negatively effects others.

The Mushroom Gardener

Keeps everyone in the dark and feeds them s*#t 


The Eco Gardener

Cares for not only their plants and the patch they tend, but are also concerned with the wellbeing of those gardeners around them.  They have a good balance focusing on each individual plant as well as being able to change their perspective and focus on what is best for all the gardens.
Be a good leader, nobody likes being fed s*#t and kept in the dark, or developed to only serve the gardeners end goal.
Share with your team, communicate openly and transparently and do good.  

EP-17 6 Week Review

Friday – August 28th

We are six weeks into PROJECT 2020 and nearly four weeks into lockdown. 
It would be fair to say at this point we are way off our goal of growing the salon, Agent Hue, by 40% before the end of 2020. However, there is hope, as COVID numbers start to fall in Melbourne we are stepping closer to reopening. 
The team at Agent Hue have; 
  • Rewritten the end of service procedure for clients, removing some friction point and streamlining the end of service process 
  • Improved the process for educating clients on how to maintain and looking after their hair between salon visits 
  • Upskilled their product knowledge and salon processes 
  • Updated and simplified our service offering and prices 
All of the above will improve the salon’s client experience, improve average client spend.

EP-16 What Can You Do?

Monday – August 24th

How often do you check-in on your results? 
How often do you gauge where you are compared to where you want to be? 
In Melbourne, we are in a holding pattern in stage 4 lockdown so it is difficult to progress towards our goals. If you’ve been following our progress, you would know I am attempting to grow Agent Hue by 40% before the end of 2020. 
The business can’t track it’s usual KPI’s and plot our progress because the salon is closed. 
At Agent Hue, we have set new KPI’s while in lockdown. Instead of; 
– Average client spend 
– Client visitation 
– Rebook %, etc. 
Over the six week lockdown, I am looking at revised KPI’s 
– Productive use of time for team at home 
– Action for the team to take at home 
– Client experience procedure improvements 
– Team members professional development goals 
Even though the salon is closed there are still actions to be taken and KPI’s to be met. The team are still accountable to the businesses new KPI’s and actions expected to be taken. 
The new rhythm of the week for the team at Agent Hue is; 
1. Monday morning zoom meeting, share weekly expectations and action to be taken 
2. touch base during the week 
3. Social check-in on zoom Thursday afternoon 
4 Actions for the week shared Friday midday. 
What can you do?

EP-15 4 Week Review

Wednesday – August 19th

It’s just over four weeks from beginning my attempt to grow Agent Hue by 40% before the end of 2020.
At the two week point of the experiment, Melbourne was plunged into stage 4 restrictions and the salon was forced to close for six weeks.
What have the team and I done so far;
  • 3 ways to grow the business (1) increase the average client spend. (2) Increase the number of visits a client has per year. (3) Find more clients
  • Worked with the team on rebooking clients and improving the process to increase not only the number of rebookings but also the time between appointments.
  • Simplified the service and pricing structure which in turn I see increasing the average client spend.
  • Focused on our ideal client and how to communicate more clearly with them.
  • In lockdown, the team have worked on the business. Looking at ways to create a better client experience by reengineering some of the salon’s key systems and procedures.
We are two weeks into our six-week lockdown and the team are looking forward to getting back into the salon, look after their clients and putting in place the improved client experience measures they have created.

EP-14 On Team Work

Monday – August 17th

Last week it was great to see the creative ideas the team at Agent Hue uncovered to change the procedure for the end of client visit in the salon. 
The aim of recreating this procedure was; 
  • Remove friction points for the client 
  • Ad more flexibility for the team 
  • Create a more streamlined experience for both the client and team 
Each team member created their own procedure and this week we will refine the four into one. 
We will once again review the new service/pricing structure that I was about to instigate before we were shut down. Gaining any last-minute feedback before updating the point of sale system. 
We are connecting again this morning on zoom.

EP-13 On The Business

Wednesday – August 12th

As Melbourne enters week two of business shut down the team at Agent Hue are doing well.  We have met online again earlier this week and have looked at what can be done while at home in lockdown.
It’s important we don’t see this as a six week holiday.  How often do you have the opportunity to take your complete team and unlock their creative ideas on the business.  Often they are working in the business, focusing on the detail.  With six weeks out of the salon they can work together on the business.


The team are working on a mix of personal development and salon development.
  • before shutdown we had a focus on content creation and this has continued in lockdown.  With a renewed focus on greater knowledge and communicating with more clarity to our ideal client.
  • looking at aspects of the client experience and re-engineering them for better flow, removing friction points where possible.

EP-12 Productive Lockdown

Monday – August 10th

Agent Hue is five days into stage 4 lockdown, the salon is closed for another five and a half weeks, what can we do? It is a fantastic opportunity to work on the business with the whole team. I am meeting with them early this afternoon to plan out what they can do during this week. Before going into lockdown for a second time during COVID-19, I spoke to the team about continuing to work from home. They can’t cut and colour hair, but they can develop themselves and the business? We will discuss in our meeting today: – Content creation, for use in social media and salon blog/newsletter. This will include product and service as well as sharing our Agent Hue culture. Two essential aspects of this style of content creation, the term members are educating themselves first, and second, the salon has content to share. – Organising external educators from product suppliers and other businesses to share their knowledge and keep the team fresh and up to date with the latest news. – Working on the business, giving more control and autonomy to the team to improve systems and procedures to elevate the overall client experience and operation of the salon.

EP-11 What Can You Do?

Friday – August 7th

One day into our six-week lockdown and I am feeling good. 
The things that cause me to be anxious and on edge are the unknown and lack of control. 
That’s what I was feeling before the announcement on Monday, that the hairdressing industry as well as most others, would be closing for six weeks. 

EP-10 The Last 12 Hours

Wednesday – August 5th

12 hours until our curfew and tools down for six weeks. 
What have the team at Agent Hue and I been doing over the past 24-48 hours: 
– I have been in contact with the team from the moment the announcement was made on Monday afternoon. Calm, consistent and considered communication, reassuring the 

EP-9 The Lockdown

Monday – August 3rd

Aug 3rd Lockdown Yesterday, Sunday the Victorian premier announce a state of disaster. 
There have been tighter restrictions on how we can live our lives and how far we can travel to buy food etc. 
Later today he will announce the impact on industries and who will be able to operate and 

EP-8 The Numbers Don’t Lie

Friday – July 31st

As the end of week two fast approaches for PROJECT 2020 let’s look at the numbers… 
You need to keep your finger on the pulse and regularly check your business performance and the KPI’s you’ve set to easily gain a snapshot of how the business is performing. 
I just had a look at Agent Hue’s key numbers and the team are 

EP-7 Team Meeting

Wednesday – July 29th

Each Wednesday between 9 am and 10 am the team at Agent Hue come together for a weekly team meeting. 
It was great to connect again today face to face, as it’s the first time I have left home since lockdown 2.0 in Melbourne. Having low immunity can be a challenge at times, but it’s not going to slow myself or the team down in attempting to achieve our goals. 
We discussed the plan to update the salon services and why I feel 

EP-6 Week 1 Review

Monday – July 27th

Setbacks and wins, week 1 in review.
We took a deep dive into Agent Hue, where we are starting from and the current performance of the business and each team member.
Gaining more clarity through this process I have begun to create a strategy focusing on the three areas we can grow the business.

EP-5  Communication & Frame Of Mind

Friday – July 24th

Now that I have spoken to the team at Agent Hue about client visitation, I thought It would be beneficial to share some thoughts and ideas on communication and mindset.
Three aspects I am going to touch on today. 
  • Frame of Mind 
  • Intention

EP-4  The Client Visitation

Wednesday – July 22nd

Client/customer visitation is the number of times a customer purchases from your business in a given period.
At Agent Hue client visitation has stretched out since the salon re-opened after Covid-19 lockdown 1.  The salon was sitting at just under eight weeks average client visitation before we closed in April.  Since re-

EP-3 How Will I Grow Agent Hue

Tuesday – July 21st

I dig deeper into Agent Hue’s reports to see how the salon is performing and which areas need to improve. 
You need to know where you are starting, before you can set a strategy and plan to achieve your desired outcomes. 
Comparing Key Performance indicators

EP-2  Three Ways To Grow Your Business

Monday – July 20th

I will share with you the three ways I am attempting to grow Agent Hue by 40% before the end of 2020.
  1. Raise the average client spend, 
  2. Increase the number of visits per year,  
  3. Find more customers/clients. 
I have 161 days to leverage these three methods and succeed. The adventure begins, NOW! dwighthodge.com agenthue.com.au

EP-1  The Introduction


I Introduce ‘PROJECT 2020’ and shares a little about what I am attempting to achieve before the end of this year!
The first concept was to grow a business by 20% from its pre-COVID performance. 
To make the challenge a little harder Melbourne, where I am based, has been sent back into a second lockdown and the business has plummeted 20%. Without been put off,