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PROJECT 2020 - EP 1 - The Introduction

Client/customer visitation is the number of times a customer purchases from your business in a given period.  

 At Agent Hue client visitation has stretched out since the salon re-opened after Covid-19 lockdown 1.0.  The salon was sitting at just 

Under eight weeks average client visitation before we closed in April.  Since re-opening in May, it has blown out to ten weeks. Client visitation stretching out by a fortnight means the revenue the salon was generating in eight weeks it’s now generating in ten, a drop of 20% in revenue.  
What are the team at Agent Hue doing to improve client visitation; 
  1. Bring it to their attention 
  2. Check-in on the fundamentals of how the team recommend a rebooking to their clients 
  3. Give feedback and make any suggestions to improve the results 
  4. Set expectations and a date to review their performance 
Having a higher percentage of client rebooking (booking their next appointment before they leave) is a vital step to growing your business and controlling the flow of clients/customers.  The additional step to take is specifically stating when you need them to return.  Not only are you now rebooking your clients, but you also have control over the time between visits.