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PROJECT 2020 - EP 6 - Week 1 Review

Setbacks and wins, week 1 in review.
We took a deep dive into Agent Hue, where we are starting from and the current performance of the business and each team member.
Gaining more clarity through this process I have begun to create a strategy focusing on the three areas we can grow the business.
  • Increase the average client spend,
  • Increase client visitation, and
  • Get more clients.
I have spoken to the team and made them aware of the salon’s current performance and the areas of focus for the coming weeks.
The focus for week one was on;
  • Average client spend, looking at the services the team are performing and what is being charged to their clients.
  • A heightened awareness of rebooking clients and the impact it has on the businesses.
  • Productive use of downtime, focusing on valuable income-producing activities.
  • Wins for week 1;
  • Average client spend has held steady and up from the pre-COVID results
  • Client visitation has improved, reports show a shortening of time between clients visits last week and their future appointments.
  • The team have produced images and content for social media and client communication I have sought feedback on the average client spend from the team.
Over the coming week, I will simplify the pricing structure as I feel this will have a positive impact on the average client spend.
A simpler pricing structure, reducing the variety of options for services will make it easier to charge the right amount and simplify online booking for clients.