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PROJECT 2020 - EP 9 - Aug 3rd Lockdown

Aug 3rd Lockdown Yesterday, Sunday the Victorian premier announce a state of disaster. 
There have been tighter restrictions on how we can live our lives and how far we can travel to buy food etc. 
Later today he will announce the impact on industries and who will be able to operate and who will be forced to close. My gut feeling is Agent Hue will be locked down for six weeks. BUT in saying that, I am waiting for today’s announcement. 
There is no point jumping the gun, freaking out and spiralling into overwhelm and stress. As a business owner and leader, you need to communicate with your team. even if you have nothing to say at this point. 
As the press conference was still running live yesterday I was communicating with the team at Agent Hue and my other businesses to keep everyone informed and let them know once we know more I would be in contact. 
Stay safe and be kind.