PROJECT 2020 - EP 11 - What Can You Do?

One day into our six-week lockdown and I am feeling good. 
The things that cause me to be anxious and on edge are the unknown and lack of control. That’s what I was feeling before the announcement on Monday, that the hairdressing industry as well as most others, would be closing for six weeks. 
It was the same feeling before we made the call to close in April also. Once a decision has been made, either by myself or someone else (in this case the state government) there is more certainty and I can get on with what needs doing. I can get on with what I can control. 
Today is about 
– Checking in with the team, making sure they are doing ok in lockdown. Keeping connected and engaged with each other. 
– Catching up with Nikki, my business partner in another salon we co-own, planning and strategising how we can capitalise on the teams time in lockdown. 
– Looking at how I can have the teams within my businesses all work on the business due to not being able to work in it. 
It is all about focusing on what I have control of and where we place our energy now to amplify the impact we can have once re-opened.